Namiri Plains is almost entirely unspoiled and the animals here are less indifferent than their counterparts in high tourist traffic areas. As big cats go, the ones at Namiri Plains give you ample time to study and photograph them them at your leisure. On occasion, they may even give you the impression that they want to come closer to read the brand name on your camera.


Game Drives

Wildlife viewing and bird watching game drives within the central Serengeti are offered twice per day. Experienced guides encourage guests to see and experience the Serengeti through their eyes, sharing a world of small and large wonders that only they truly know, understand and can explain.


Walking Safari

Walking is the most intimate way to experience the bush. The pace is easy, your eye-level is that of the wildlife and your senses are more acutely aware of the sights, smells and sounds, from the small things close at hand to the giants at a distance.

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7 Day Best of the Big Cats
Asilia’s ‘Best of the Big Cats’ takes lion, leopard and cheetah lovers to the very heart of the action - Rekero Camp in the Maasai Mara National Reserve and our new camp, Namiri Plains, in the Serengeti.

For twenty years Namiri Plains was closed to tourism and the population of big cats literally exploded. This itinerary offers unparallelled wildlife viewing opportunities.

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Asilia camps & lodges in this itinerary:
Namiri Plains, Rekero Camp
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